The most famous spice cuisine in the world has it all: light, wholesome and deliciously prepared dishes for body, mind and soul - which at the same time have a relieving and healing effect on our digestion. The right diet can be the fastest way to holistic well-being!



"Organic Buddha Bowl - Balanced Indulgence".

A bowl packed with purely plant-based, healthy, regional and organic delicacies is a feast for all the senses. You can expect a potpourri of loaves, curries, rice-vegetable stir-fry, falafel, dal, chutneys and casseroles. Our Buddha Bowl mix always consists of four to six dishes. Exquisite ingredients, love for cooking and 30 years of experience in Asia-Temple cuisine make our Buddha Bowl unique. Also the daily need of vitamins, proteins, complex & whole carbohydrates and healthy fats is covered. And last but not least: the secondary nutrients and vital substances that strengthen and build our immune system, such as curcumin from turmeric, flavonoids and carotenoids from fruits, vegetables and spices, are taken in abundance. Your organic Buddha Bowl will be optimally nutritionally combined for you every Wednesday by nutritionist and Ayurvedic cook Sandra Hartmann.
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